Why do I love photography?

June 17, 2015  •  1 Comment

Why did I choose to be in the business of photography?

Well thanks for asking! First of all I enjoy being creative and artsy, but I could use those skills in many other careers. What keeps me loving this business is catching emotion and freezing it in time. When a customer can't stop looking at their photographs years after the session, I know I've done my job right. A photograph lets you savor a memory and tell a person's life story. Like these.... brother sister loveCorey and Bailey 7th and 4th Birthdays with senior and sophomore football season Yes, these are just personal snapshots of me and my older brother Corey, but they mean so much to me. (sidenote.. Corey might kill me if he ever finds this post) You see Corey may have been my annoying big brother, but by the time this football photo was taken, he had become my best friend.

The day after his high school graduation party, Corey was involved in a horrific car accident. He had fallen asleep at the wheel and the car was ripped to shreads. After being transported by life-flight to a high trama center, we learned his injuries included broken ribs, collaped lungs, multiple spinal fractures, spleen damage, and many other "minor" cuts all over his body. We didn't know if he was going to make it, but by to GRACE OF GOD, 17 days later we got to bring him home! I can't even explain the emotions my family and I went through over this time. 

This week marked 10 years since Corey's accident. I look back at pictures and realize how far we've all come since then. We've all learned to savor every moment we've been given. By all scientific accounts, Corey should have died that day. God had a bigger plan for him.  college graduation 2006 He has since graduated from college, married an amazing woman, and blessed our family with two precious little girls.

family portraits

So while photographing this family session for Corey's family, I couldn't help but be reminded of how much I truly love what I do. This family is a miracle and this photograph is part of their story. 

All of my customers have their own story. I like to take my time and get to know a bit about each of them so I can do my very best to capture what is important to them. Thank you all for giving my the opportunity to be a your photographer and record your memories for years to come!

Much Love, -B

Welcome to the new website!

June 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

We've needed an "online facelift" for far too long and it's finally here. NEW STUDIO, new website.... I might even change my hair style while we're at it!! You can now download our session and package pricing right from the investment tab ANNNNNNNDDDDDDDD view your personal image galleries from any device (phone, tablet, etc.). I'm still working out some kinks so please send me your feedback! 

Oh did you miss that other news? YES, I said NEW STUDIO! I'm pretty crazy in love with the new storefront in downtown Ida. After much moving, painting, engineering to install backgrounds...... we now have a comfy convenient space for consulations, indoor sessions, and ordering with a lovely display of all the products we offer. 

Open by appointment only at the moment, but if you see us open, stop on by! Located on the corner of Lewis Ave and Ida ST. next to "Scribbles and Giggles Daycare"

3055 Lewis Ave. Unit 4

Ida Michigan


See you soon!   -B

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