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Rock & Roll Gender Reveal https://www.b-artistry.com/blog/2018/7/gender-reveal I had the incredibly fun opportunity to shoot a Rock and Roll themed gender reveal/ baby shower a couple weeks ago! Congratulations to this fun couple and serious props to their amazing friends who through this party!

Rock & Roll Gender Reveal!Rock & Roll Gender Reveal! Photos by "b. Artistry Photography llc" Southeast Michigan Portrait and Event Photographer Rock & Roll Gender Reveal!Rock & Roll Gender Reveal! Photos by "b. Artistry Photography llc" Southeast Michigan Portrait and Event Photographer Rock & Roll Gender Reveal!Rock & Roll Gender Reveal! Photos by "b. Artistry Photography llc" Southeast Michigan Portrait and Event Photographer

Rock & Roll Gender Reveal!Rock & Roll Gender Reveal! Photos by "b. Artistry Photography llc" Southeast Michigan Portrait and Event Photographer Rock & Roll Gender Reveal!Rock & Roll Gender Reveal! Photos by "b. Artistry Photography llc" Southeast Michigan Portrait and Event Photographer Rock & Roll Gender Reveal!Rock & Roll Gender Reveal! Photos by "b. Artistry Photography llc" Southeast Michigan Portrait and Event Photographer Rock & Roll Gender Reveal!Rock & Roll Gender Reveal! Photos by "b. Artistry Photography llc" Southeast Michigan Portrait and Event Photographer Rock & Roll Gender Reveal!Rock & Roll Gender Reveal! Photos by "b. Artistry Photography llc" Southeast Michigan Portrait and Event Photographer Rock & Roll Gender Reveal!Rock & Roll Gender Reveal! Photos by "b. Artistry Photography llc" Southeast Michigan Portrait and Event Photographer Rock & Roll Gender Reveal!Rock & Roll Gender Reveal! Photos by "b. Artistry Photography llc" Southeast Michigan Portrait and Event Photographer

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Wedding Wednesday- What does your package include? https://www.b-artistry.com/blog/2018/2/wedding-wednesday--what-does-your-package-include What does your package include???

As you shop around for vendors, this should be one of your top questions. I know this can be time consuming, but you won't regret doing your homework. At b. Artistry Photography we offer a full coverage option as well as a "small event" hourly rate. Our small event pricing is great for an anniversary party, short celebration or reception, but not usually the best option to cover a full wedding day experience. 

Our wedding package is $1800 (2018 season pricing). This includes....

1. A planning consultation with ME! I think it's important to point this out because some larger companies will book multiple events and contract other photographers to cover the work. With us, you can have the security of knowing you're working with the same lead photographer from start to finish. 

2. Engagement Session. Part of working with a couple from beginning to end is getting to know you. I love having the opportunity to work with a bride and groom alone before the wedding day craziness in front of everyone else. I take this time to learn about you two as a couple, figure out what poses work best for you, and make you comfortable in front of the camera. It comes natural to some people. Others may take some time to ease into that comfort level so it's best to get any "butterflys" out of the way before the wedding day!

3. Up to 10 hours of coverage. This is typically the perfect amount of time to cover all the important moments of your day. This usually means the photographers arrive three hours (give or take) prior to the ceremony. If you don't think this will be enough time, we will can plan accordingly to your specific needs.

4. TWO Photographers. After 10 years of wedding experience I can still say with confidence... "I can't do this job alone!" Your wedding day is so important to me and I just can't possibly capture all the wonderful moments on my own. Therefore I bring in one of my right-hand assistants. Tressa Shaw, Colleen Miller, or Stacey Westbrook are some of my most trusted ladies to help care for my brides, grooms, and their families. Their job may include trading out equipment, organizing family members, getting the candid moments with guests while I focus on the bridal party, etc. Having two points of view makes for a great variety of photos. Plus, the bride and groom often get to see moments that they missed throughout the day.

5. Editing. We take the time to carefully sort through these photos so you only see the best (even if we take 10 photos of the same group setup). In some cases this might include additional editing of glare off of Grandma's glasses, head swap for the toddler not looking, background object that we couldn't avoid,etc. Bottom line- we want you to look good, feel good, and love your final product! This process takes time. We shoot for a one month turn around, but could be up to three months during our busy fall season.

6. Printing Release. Yes, you will receive a flash-drive of your edited images. You may print these as you wish

7. Order Credit. We build this into the package for a couple reasons. You have the freedom to print your photos elsewhere, but we believe you should leave our studio with some sort of "finished product" to display in your home. So whether you choose to go with a timeless wall portrait or canvas, an album, thank yous, or prints for family members...your first $200 is covered. (If you're a bride like me, you're flat broke from all the last minute, unexpected wedding spending. So, this is like a bonus to spend after the festivities are over!)

Mostly I urge you to to your research on vendors and find the package and company that best meets your needs! As always, Happy Planning! -B

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Wedding Wednesday- The Rehearsal https://www.b-artistry.com/blog/2018/1/wedding-wednesday--the-rehearsal The Rehearsal

Northwest Ohio Wedding Photography This is the day where it all comes together. Well..... hopefully! There are bound to be last minute details that require your attention. This is why we gather everyone together to make sure they all know the game plan for the big day. As your photographer, I like to stop by your rehearsal for a couple reasons.

1. I need to be in the loop too- By this point we've already met to finalize your timeline, but if anything happens to change (as it often does) ... I need to know.

2. I'd love to meet your peeps!- I like to take this time to try and get to know your parents, siblings, and bridal party. I'm terrible with names, but I do my best to keep everyone straight. The sooner we get to know each other, the more comfortable everyone seems to get in front of the camera.

3. Talk to the other vendors- Whether your ceremony is at a church, outdoor facility, or reception hall, someone is in charge. I always take the time to introduce myself to the minister and facility coordinator. The better we all work together, the smoother your day will be.

4. Answer questions- Your rehearsal can leave you with your head spinning from all the questions from your loved ones. I am happy to be there to a least answer the groomsmen on where they are supposed to meet and what time. 

My best two pieces of advice....

Communication and Thursdays! The more you communicate to your crew, the more organized your rehearsal will be, and the smoother the wedding day will be! Thursday? Yes, I'm talking Thursday rehearsal for Saturday weddings! Crazy idea, I know, but hear me out. Most people are required to do a Friday rehearsal because maybe people are coming from out of town or the facility requires a certain time. If you have the flexibility, opt for Thursday instead and give yourself an entire extra day to tie up any last minute details. I promise you won't regret it!!

Happy Planning! -B

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Wedding Wednesday- Planning the Timeline https://www.b-artistry.com/blog/2018/1/wedding-planning-the-timeline Planning the perfect wedding timeline

The timing of your wedding day ends up being what makes or breaks the photographer’s ability to give you a variety of photos! And who doesn’t want to get their money’s worth?!? For this reason, we like to work closely with you during your wedding planning. We meet with all of our clients in the studio to discuss their plans at the time of booking. Then, as your plans come together, we ask you to keep in touch by phone or email so we can be in the loop and plan accordingly. Right around the ONE MONTH TO GO mark, we will meet up at the studio to finalize the details of your day. Right down to what photos you’re wanting, where we will meet, and the exact time each thing will take place.


Beach EngagementEngagement Session on the Beaches of Lake Erie. Southeast Michigan Engagement and Wedding Photographer.

The timeline of your day is dependent on a variety of aspects. In many cases, the church or reception hall may have a specific timeframe you’re required to work around. From there you’ll have to figure in travel time if working with multiple locations. ALWAYS ADD EXTRA TIME!***Sidenote: Don’t assume your entire bridal party and family knows how to get to the next place. Even when you clearly give them the address and time, someone is bound to get lost and/or be late***

Another thing to take into consideration is if you will be doing a receiving line after the ceremony where you would greet all your guests as they exit the church. That could take around 30-45 minutes and typically eats up photo time if we don't plan for it.

Family Wedding PortraitSchumaker Family Southeast Michigan Wedding Photography We ask our couples to make a list of “must have photos” because I would hate to miss anyone important to you! Working from the list can also save us from the awkward posing of, for instance, a set of divorced parents who haven’t spoken in year! (Seriously, just tell us all your drama so we can help be a buffer instead of creating more drama. I promise you…. Every family has their share! LOL)

Will there be any small children in your bridal party or family photos? Do you have a large bridal party? How many people will be in the family photos? Will you want an extended family photo? These are all questions we will go over to plan how much time you need to reserve for photos.

The ChurchChurch Wedding Ceremony Bride and Groom Formal Church Portrait Southeast Michigan Wedding Photography My best advice would be to add in some cushion time just in case. Add in an extra 10 or 15 minutes here and there for drive time and such. Something always comes up and then you get rushed. We want you to have a fun, relaxed day, so the more time we have, the more enjoyable it will be for everyone! Plus, we have time to get be creative and capture the unexpected things :) 

-Happy wedding planning from Bailey and crew of "b. Artistry Photography"

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Why do I love photography? https://www.b-artistry.com/blog/2015/6/why-do-i-love-photography Why did I choose to be in the business of photography?

Well thanks for asking! First of all I enjoy being creative and artsy, but I could use those skills in many other careers. What keeps me loving this business is catching emotion and freezing it in time. When a customer can't stop looking at their photographs years after the session, I know I've done my job right. A photograph lets you savor a memory and tell a person's life story. Like these.... brother sister loveCorey and Bailey 7th and 4th Birthdays with senior and sophomore football season Yes, these are just personal snapshots of me and my older brother Corey, but they mean so much to me. (sidenote.. Corey might kill me if he ever finds this post) You see Corey may have been my annoying big brother, but by the time this football photo was taken, he had become my best friend.

The day after his high school graduation party, Corey was involved in a horrific car accident. He had fallen asleep at the wheel and the car was ripped to shreads. After being transported by life-flight to a high trama center, we learned his injuries included broken ribs, collaped lungs, multiple spinal fractures, spleen damage, and many other "minor" cuts all over his body. We didn't know if he was going to make it, but by to GRACE OF GOD, 17 days later we got to bring him home! I can't even explain the emotions my family and I went through over this time. 

This week marked 10 years since Corey's accident. I look back at pictures and realize how far we've all come since then. We've all learned to savor every moment we've been given. By all scientific accounts, Corey should have died that day. God had a bigger plan for him.  college graduation 2006 He has since graduated from college, married an amazing woman, and blessed our family with two precious little girls.

family portraits

So while photographing this family session for Corey's family, I couldn't help but be reminded of how much I truly love what I do. This family is a miracle and this photograph is part of their story. 

All of my customers have their own story. I like to take my time and get to know a bit about each of them so I can do my very best to capture what is important to them. Thank you all for giving my the opportunity to be a your photographer and record your memories for years to come!

Much Love, -B

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Welcome to the new website! https://www.b-artistry.com/blog/2015/6/welcome-to-the-new-website We've needed an "online facelift" for far too long and it's finally here. NEW STUDIO, new website.... I might even change my hair style while we're at it!! You can now download our session and package pricing right from the investment tab ANNNNNNNDDDDDDDD view your personal image galleries from any device (phone, tablet, etc.). I'm still working out some kinks so please send me your feedback! 

Oh did you miss that other news? YES, I said NEW STUDIO! I'm pretty crazy in love with the new storefront in downtown Ida. After much moving, painting, engineering to install backgrounds...... we now have a comfy convenient space for consulations, indoor sessions, and ordering with a lovely display of all the products we offer. 

Open by appointment only at the moment, but if you see us open, stop on by! Located on the corner of Lewis Ave and Ida ST. next to "Scribbles and Giggles Daycare"

3055 Lewis Ave. Unit 4

Ida Michigan


See you soon!   -B

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